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Saturday, September 24, 2011

We are a group of individuals interested in learning our African-American family histories; learning how to preserve them; and telling "our" story to our family and community. Over the past several years, many have expressed the desire for a forum where we could share our stories, telling them as only we know how.   I have been approached for help in finding how or where to locate certain types of information.  Many of our knowledgeable historians and professionals are just too bogged down to have time for the nuts and bolts research.  So, we are a group of "worker bees".  The AAGGKY meets monthly on the 3rd Saturday in easily accessible locations with programming focused on African American ancestry. 

Our official business will take place on our web site, but many of our real stories will be presented here on this blog. We are looking for guest bloggers/writers and researchers to make this blog an active resource for African American genealogy. We also hope this will serve as an inspiration to others - never give up hope, and keep searching! Our heritage must be preserved - but in many cases, we have to find it first. So let's get searching!